At A1 Dental Studio we pride ourselves in using the latest technology Renishaw's inciseTM.

What is Renishaw's inciseTM?
The Renishaw inciseTM process is a state-of-the-art system for producing metal-free crowns and bridges. InciseTM restorations can be used to protect weakened teeth, replace missing teeth, or for purely cosmetic reasons.

How does Renishaw's inciseTM make a difference?
Renishaw's inciseTM ceramic restorations are produced by a revolutionary dental system that focuses on accuracy at every stage of the process
inciseTM crowns are made from a strong core material called zirconia.

Why A1 Dental Studio use Renishaw's inciseTM
• By using the Renishaw's inciseTM the result is a crown or bridge that looks great, and demonstrates an exceptional fit, promoting long-term dental health.
• Renishaw's pioneering research into the accuracy of this process has introduced materials and techniques that result in a better fitting, longer lasting restoration.

How does Renishaw's inciseTM benefit patients?
• A beautiful smile
• Better oral health
• Less time in the dentist's chair

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